LG OMNIPOD concept car gives users their own private space on wheels

In an era when electric cars are well established as the future of the auto industry and autonomous vehicles are just around the corner, mobility is changing at a tremendous pace. It is estimated that changes in the auto industry will be greater in the next five years than they have been in the last fifty.

LG OMNIPOD concept car gives users their own private space on wheelsIn today’s world, cars are already computers on wheels, so it stands to reason that the future of automobiles and technology will be similar. OMNIPOD, LG’s concept car announced at CES 2022, is an example of LG’s vision for the future, where smart living, technology, and transportation all come together in one product.

LG OMNIPOD is an autonomous vehicle that provides a livable environment that adapts to the passenger’s unique needs. It acts as an extension of the home. You could use the room as an office, a recording studio, a video editing workroom or even as a lounge. By stretching from the floor to the ceiling, the tunnel screen (Meta-environment Screen) of OMINIPOD creates the illusion of different environments.

Upon entering OMNIPOD, passengers first pass through the Air Shower, which gently blows negatively ionized air over them to disperse dust and germs. In order to ensure that clothing is wrinkle-free and fresh upon arrival at a destination, passengers may place their coats, jackets, and shoes in the LG Styler, which uses ionizing technology.

Adapting temperature and lighting based on actions and commands is provided by a cabin monitoring system. The interior features a refrigerator that delivers cooling in a compact space through the Peltier effect. The shelves in the refrigerator are modular so that they can be rearranged to hold a variety of items from soft drinks to wine bottles to food items. Atop the cabin, the induction range allows you to cook without taking away any valuable cabin space.

Watching content on the go is a convenient way to enjoy travel. Passengers can virtually enter the movie they’re watching with OMNIPOD’s tunnel and multi-media screens. By turning off lights and screens, reclining the seat and returning the screen to its original position, OMNIPOD transforms into the perfect sleeping environment when it’s time to sleep. Thermal cameras and sensors measure heart rates and body temperatures to monitor sleep quality.

In an autonomous vehicle, passengers are able to enjoy a variety of content along with monitoring the outside environment in real time via exterior cameras. Those still inclined to drive will be able to use the driving mode with MR Navi – a real-time map displayed on the multimedia screen that displays accurate topography and actual buildings from LG’s R&D lab and digital map specialist HERE Technologies.

Lastly, Reah can ensure that after everyone disembarks, the vehicle remains in tiptop condition by keeping UV lighting on and using robot vacuums to prevent germs from accumulating. The LG Vision OMNIPOD concept isn’t just a concept car; it’s LG’s vision for future mobility, so watch this space to see how you’ll be getting around in the next few years.